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The fantasy art of British artist Anne Stokes covers a broad range of themes, from the inhabitants of the magical Enchanted Forest to the dark underworld of Gothic fairies and vampires.

Incorporating symbolism within her artwork to convey meaning has brought Anne much acclaim. Originally from London, but now living in the North of England with her family, she continues to produce eye catching and unique designs that feature dragons, fairies and other striking fantasy creatures for the Anne Stokes Collection.

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Acorn Pixie Birthday Card

Acorn Pixie Birthday Card£2.00

Angel & Dragon T-shirt

Angel & Dragon T-shirtFrom:  £23.99

Angel Rose Greeting Card

Angel Rose Greeting Card£2.00

Angel Rose Maxi Poster 61 x 91.5 cm

Angel Rose Maxi Poster 61 x 91.5 cm£6.99   £4.19

Angel Rose Mounted Art Print A3

Angel Rose Mounted Art Print A3£12.99   £7.79

Aura Wolf Greeting Card

Aura Wolf Greeting Card£2.00

Autumn Fairy Birthday Card

Autumn Fairy Birthday Card£2.00

Autumn Fairy Gift Wrap Sheet

Autumn Fairy Gift Wrap Sheet£1.50

Autumn Fairy T-shirt

Autumn Fairy T-shirtFrom:  £23.99

Await the Night Valentine's Card

Await the Night Valentine's Card£2.00

Awake Your Magic Christmas Card

Awake Your Magic Christmas Card£2.00

Awake Your Magic Hoodie

Awake Your Magic HoodieFrom:  £49.99

Awake Your Magic Longsleeve T-shirt

Awake Your Magic Longsleeve T-shirtFrom:  £31.99

Awake Your Magic T-shirt

Awake Your Magic T-shirtFrom:  £23.99

Birthling Birthday Card

Birthling Birthday Card£2.00

Blackberry Dragon Birthday Card

Blackberry Dragon Birthday Card£2.00

Blue Moon Greeting Card

Blue Moon Greeting Card£2.00

Celestial Dragon Sterling Silver Pendant

Celestial Dragon Sterling Silver Pendant£34.99   £20.99

Clockwork Dragon Birthday Card

Clockwork Dragon Birthday Card£2.00

Contemplation Greeting Card

Contemplation Greeting Card£2.00

Contemplation Mounted Art Print A3

Contemplation Mounted Art Print A3£12.99   £7.79

Copperwing Birthday Card

Copperwing Birthday Card£2.00

Copperwing Dragon A5 Notebook Journal

Copperwing Dragon A5 Notebook Journal£5.99

Crux Dragana Dragon Cross Pewter Pendant

Crux Dragana Dragon Cross Pewter Pendant£14.99   £8.99

Desert Dragon Greeting Card

Desert Dragon Greeting Card£2.00

Draca Rosa Dragon Rose Pewter Pendant

Draca Rosa Dragon Rose Pewter Pendant£14.99   £8.99

Last Chance
Draco Faerie Greeting Card

Draco Faerie Greeting Card£2.00

Dragon & Dagger Greeting Card

Dragon & Dagger Greeting Card£2.00

Dragon Clan Child T-shirt

Dragon Clan Child T-shirt£14.99

Dragon Clan T-shirt

Dragon Clan T-shirtFrom:  £23.99

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Page 1 of 6:    172 Items