How To Write A Product Review

Monday, 22 March 2021  |  Gothic Rose Gallery

Tips on how to write a product review.

1. Write about the product.

If you purchased different products, keep your review about each individual item, mixing products into the same review does not make a helpful review, especially if the products are quite different from each other.

Write a product review for each separate product.

2. Test or use your product before writing a review.

To write a product review you need to have actually used or worn the product in question. People who read your review want to know what your experience was like using it.

3. Say what you liked about the product.

Be specific in what you liked about the product. Instead of using general terms, like “this product is good”. If you liked the colour, the fit or the quality, say so, e.g. “The t-shirt was good quality and well made.”

4. Say what you didn’t like about the product.

Again, as with positive comments, be specific. Instead of “This isn’t a good product”, say why you thought this, e.g. “The material was flimsy and the stitching was poor”.

5. Focus on why you did/did not like the product.

Including comments on the seller, the shipping or handling, is not the purpose of a product review. Instead, explain why you gave the product as many or as few stars as you did. You can also compare the item to another similar item and explain the differences. Including both positive and negative aspects gives a more well-rounded balanced overview.

6. Be thorough.

A good product review should ideally be anywhere from 50 to 500 words. Word length will vary with what you are reviewing.


Write the type of review that you would find helpful if you were thinking of buying the same product.