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The original hand dyed t-shirts from The Mountain are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Made in the USA, their trademark mottle dyed tees are scrunched by hand to ensure that no two are alike. Vibrant colours and amazingly realistic graphics printed with soft, non-toxic, Earth friendly water-based inks & dyes.

The Mountain prides itself in obtaining the Oeko-Tex 100 certification issued by The Institute of Research and Testing in Textile Ecology. Over 100 individual tests were carried out to ensure the production process and the garments are manufactured free from any harmful substances.

You can actually feel the quality! Versatile and durable, the cotton is top grade and the printing becomes part of the fabric. As a result from a patented printing process, buying a Mountain T-shirt means being able to enjoy it for years to come without cracking or loss of the image. Washable at 30° helps to protect our environment by being more energy efficient and ensure the design will remain vibrant for years.

The classic style has a generous cut, with sizes from small to 5XL; The children's t-shirt is a pint-sized version of the adult classic, with sizes from child small to child XL.

We are proud to sell The Mountain t-shirts.

Watch these behind the scenes videos on how The Mountain make their amazing t-shirts!